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Join the Fitness Center!

If you are interested in joining the Fitness  Center, please contact Coordinator Courtney Johnston at 617‐730‐2106 or Courtney’s hours are: Mondays from 1:30pm-4:30pm, Tuesdays from 12pm-4:30pm, and Thursdays from 12pm-4:30pm

Exercise Classes with Sharon Devine

Sharon Devine is teaching the following weekly classes in the Fitness Center. All classes include some activities for flexibility, strengthening, stretching, and balance. Space is limited so register with Sharon by calling 617-454-4985.

Exercises for Aching Joints

Tuesday & Thursday from 11:00am-12:00pm

Building Balance Skills

Tuesday & Thursday from 1:00-1:45pm

Chair Yoga

Wednesday from 1:00-1:45pm

Chair Dance

Once a month through the end of the year, join certified yoga instructor Caitlin Moore at the Senior Center. Get your cardio right from your chair! Dance to your favorite tunes while improving your posture, strengthening your muscles, and
fine‐tuning balance and coordination. Each class includes a warm‐up and cool‐down. Please register at 617‐730‐2770.

Stretch Class

Join us for this low-level, sit or stand-based stretch class with Kalpana Row. For more information, please contact Courtney Johnston at 617‐730‐2106 or

Combo Dance Fitness/Let Your Yoga Dance with Emily Brenner

Wednesdays at 10:00am

Emily Brenner, our wonderful Zumba Gold instructor, offers a FREE VIRTUAL Combo Dance Fitness/Yoga Dance class to Brookline seniors thanks to the sponsorship of the Brookline Multiservice Senior Center.

Emily is also offering some other VIRTUAL donation-based classes ($5 per class):

Monday at 10:00am: Low Impact Zumba®

Tuesday: 10:00 am: Strength/Low-Impact Fitness (chair suggested, light hand weights or cans/water bottles as light weights alternatives)

For more information on how to connect, please email:

FREE! Happy New Year Saturday Virtual Let Your Yoga Dance® class Saturdays Dec 31-Jan 28, 11am-11:45am Get your New Year off to a happy and healthy start in a community of joyful movers! Combining yoga, the breath, and user-friendly dance with great music, this is an inspirational class, bringing tons of fun and healing to body, mind, and spirit. Let Your Yoga Dance® is dance-based, can be done standing or seated, and is for everybody. This Zoom class is offered by Emily Brenner and is sponsored by the Brookline Senior  Center. Contact Emily at for more information. You may attend on a drop-in basis for as many of the 5 weeks as you like.

A Taste of Qigong

Join us at the Senior Center for Qigong with Dale Butler on Tuesdays at 10:30am through December 13. Qigong (ʺchee-gungʺ) is the practice of cultivating mental and physical balance through the coordination of breath, movement and awareness. Simpler than taiji (which combines aspects of qigong and Chinese kung fu), Qigong can be practiced throughout oneʹs entire life to promote overall health and well‐being. For questions, please contact Jamie at 617‐730‐2753.

Online Dance Party with Lynn Modell

Thursday afternoons from 1:00-1:30pm  

Lynn plays music from 40s, 50s, and 60s as well as some from film musicals and we’ll dance together. You don’t need much space in your home to participate. Just make sure there aren’t any scatter rugs, uneven floor surfaces or objects on the floor that are trip hazards. For information on how to connect, please contact Lynn at

Karate for Seniors: Important Change

Join Noah Lucia from Boston Budo at the Senior Center on Fridays from 12:30-1:15pm. This system of self-defense develops total body awareness, control and confidence, formatted with seniors in mind.

Class techniques and concepts focus on thoughtful movement, stances, balance, blocks, kata, strikes and other techniques, as well as having a cultural experience.

Starting on Friday, December 9, the Senior Center will offer classes in 8 week sessions. The winter semester will run through February 17 (no classes 12/23, 12/30, and 1/27).

Cost for complete winter session is $45; otherwise, cost is $7 per class. Free for Brookline Housing Authority residents and other eligible participants. First class for new participants is free to try. Please register with Jamie at or 617-730-2770.

To register, please call 617-730-2770.

Free Blood Pressure Clinic at the Health Department

On the first Wednesday of each month from 2:00‐3:00pm the Brookline Health Department will be checking blood pressures at 11 Pierce Street. When you arrive, please ring the doorbell for the public health nurse. For more information, please call 617‐730‐2320.

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Ask A Geriatrician

Dr. Suzanne Salamon, Chief Associate of Clinical Geriatrics at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, answers your general questions about aging and geriatric medicine in this column every month. Editor’s note: If you have questions, e‐mail them to me at or call 617‐730‐2790. I will make sure that Dr. Salamon gets the questions and answers them in the Newsletter.

October 2022

Question: I am a 66‐year‐old who has asthma, and received both of my COVID shots and both boosters as soon as I was eligible for them (at least a year ago, if not longer). As far as I know, I have never caught COVID (and have taken home tests if I have been concerned). With all of the additional shots and treatments that have been developed, is there a next step that people like me should take regarding COVID shots, or just continue to try to stay safe?

Answer: According to the FDA, because the COVID virus keeps changing, it is important to keep your protection strong by getting updated COVID boosters as they are developed. The vaccines that we have so far have not completely prevented people from getting COVID (as many of you know!!), but they have been incredibly powerful in helping to decrease the incidence of severe disease, hospitalization, and death from COVID‐19. Despite this, there are still around 25 people who die every day in the USA from COVID. Massachusetts, with one of the highest vaccination rates in the country (81%), has a far lower death rate. Because this clever virus keeps changing so that it can find new “victims,” researchers keep racing to keep up with or even ahead of new strains of the virus. The newest vaccine boosters, just released a few weeks ago, are a combination of the original virus strain as well as the Omicron variant. Therefore it has the name “bivalent” COVID‐19 vaccine. This new vaccine booster is meant to give you broad protection against COVID‐19 as well as better protection against the Omicron variant. This is important because not only has the virus changed, but our immunity against COVID also decreases with time.

So far the FDA has approved 2 of these bivalent vaccines: 1‐Moderna COVID‐19 Vaccine, Bivalent, which is authorized for use as a single booster dose for people 18 years old and older who have completed the original 2 dose primary vaccination. 2‐ Pfizer‐BioNTech COVID‐19 Vaccine, Bivalent also authorized for use as a single booster dose in individuals 12 years of age and older who also have completed the original 2 dose primary vaccination. These bivalent boosters should be given at least 2 months after your last COVID vaccination (whether original or another booster). The bivalent booster does not need to be the same type of vaccine you had before, so it is OK to “mix and match” Moderna and Pfizer. While no vaccine is 100% effective (remember‐the term “booster shot” has been around for a long time, long before COVID), but we do know that these vaccines can help us get through a bout of COVID without getting very sick. Even for someone who had COVID, those antibodies in your body start to fade with time and do not provide “one and done” protection. Also, trying not to get sick from COVID protects not only you, but young children who are not yet eligible for the shots and can catch it, often with severe consequences. Most people have no or few side effects which last only a day or two. These vaccines are now available at your local pharmacies. I strongly encourage people to get the new bivalent vaccine. I also still encourage people to wear masks at indoor places, especially now that we are heading into fall and winter where more people will be gathering indoors.

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If you’re looking for something and can’t find it, or think there’s something missing here, please let us know!