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– – – Ruthann Dobek with Muriel Stark (L), 2016 volunteer of the year


Ruthann Dobek, LICSW   rdobek@brooklinema.gov  617. 730. 2756

Patricia Burns, BS Coordinator of Volunteers     pburns@brooklinema.gov 617.730.2743

Sharon Devine, MSW, LCSW  Community Social Worker, CPT, Fitness  sdevine@brooklinema.gov  617. 730. 2769

Maureen Cosgrove-Deery  Newsletter Editor                                            mcosgrove-deery@brooklinema.gov 617. 730. 2790

Maria Foster, MA    TRIPPS community outreach specialist   tripps@brooklinema.gov 617 730. 2644

Jamie Jensen, LICSW  HELP Coordinator  jjensen@brooklinema.gov  617. 730. 2753

Kate Jovin, MSW, LCSW  Clinical Social Worker  kjovin@brooklinema.gov  617. 730. 2751

Freddi Langenthal, LICSW  Clinical Social Worker  flangenthal@brooklinema.gov  617. 730. 2765

Olga Sliwa, LICSW  Clinical Social Worker    osliwa@brooklinema.gov  617.730.2768

Kerri Ann Tester, LICSW   TRIPPS program manager  tripps@brooklinema.gov              617 730. 2644

Julie Washburn, LICSW  Program Manager    jwashburn@brooklinema.gov 617.730.2760

Deidre Waxman, LICSW  JOBS /Tax Work Off  dwaxman@brooklinema.gov  617.730.2767

Sue Welpton, LICSW  Supervisor of Services  swelpton@brooklinema.gov 617.730.2755

Sonia Wong  SNAP+SHINE counselor  swong@brooklinema.gov  617.730.2774


Jessica Milley-Gee, Administrative Assistant

Alicia Ebrat, Brookline Elder Taxi System (BETS) – – 617. 730. 2740

Nick Aldin, Van Driver – – 617. 730. 2750

Agilio Monteiro, Elder Bus Driver – – 617. 730. 2750

Jim Tong, Facilities

Fitness Center – –  617. 730. 2741


SOS EVENT photo collage

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BrooklineCAN Annual Meeting

(L to R) Ruthann Dobek, Director Brookline Senior Center, introduces Alice Bonner, MA Secretary Elder Affairs.

Ruthann Dobek with Alice Bonner, MA Secretary of Elder Affairs – – photo by Elenore Parker

Betsy Munzer, President, Brookline League of Women Voters,receives award from Frank Caro, BCAN

Betsy Munzer, president, Brookline League of Women Voters, Frank Caro, co-chair, BrooklineCAN – – photo by Elenore Parker

2017-09-14 19.00.37

Kerri Ann Tester, program director, TRIPPS, Frank Caro, Roberta Winitzer, chair, Council on Aging – – photo by John Seay

Erin Kinney, Brookline Interactive Group (BIG), and Frank Caro, BCAN Co-Chair

Erin Kinney, Brookline Interactive Group with Frank Caro – – photo by Elenore Parker

Brookline High Jazz Band

Brookline High School Jazz Band – – photo by Elenore Parker

Surprise Guest Lauds Organization

The BrooklineCAN (Brookline Community Aging Network) 7th Annual Meeting and Exposition began with the introduction of a surprise guest: Alice Bonner, secretary of elder affairs for the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Secretary Bonner praised BrooklineCAN not only for its success but also for the organization’s efforts to make Brookline a better place to live for people of all ages. She particularly noted BrooklineCAN’s project to identify public bathrooms throughout the town. The Annual Meeting, whose theme was The Power of Engagement, was September 14.

The meeting opened with master of ceremonies, Roberta Winitzer, introducing Ruthann Dobek and Frank Caro, Steering Committee co-chairs.

Prior to the meeting, guests enjoyed refreshments and exhibits from BrooklineCAN committees and town organizations: Brookline Recreation Department, Board of Selectmen, and Public Libraries. The Brookline High School Jazz Band presented a lively concert.

Keynote speaker Judith Gonyea, professor and associate dean of research at Boston University School of Social Work,addressed Promoting Age-friendly Communities in the Current Political Environment: Opportunities and Challenges. She discussed how life is enriched when people are actively involved in meaningful projects and goal-directed activities and stressed how vital social engagement is. She noted that isolated elders have higher rates of some illnesses. Recent research has borne out that genetic changes have been found in elders who are socially isolated.

Frank Caro, representing BrooklineCAN, presented community service awards to Erin Kinney, manager of engagement, Brookline Interactive Group (BIG); Betsy Munzer, president, Brookline League of Women Voters; and Kerri Ann Tester, program manager,TRIPPS (Transportation Resource Information, Planning, & Partnership for Seniors).

Awardees were recognized for their work around engagement: encouraging volunteerism, educating and informing and promoting access to activities that encourage citizen involvement.

Affiliated with the Brookline Senior Center, BrooklineCAN is an all-volunteer organization which enables older residents to remain independent and fully engaged in the community. The organization advocates on behalf of Brookline’s older residents, works with town agencies on behalf of Brookline seniors, provides ways for members to contribute to the community, and in general acts to make Brookline an even better place to live for people of all ages.

Visit us at http://www.brooklineCAN.org, or call 617. 730. 2777 for information and to request a copy of BrooklineCAN’s newsletter. – – Press contact: Elenore Parker 617. 232. 6444

Party of the Century

“We had a wonderful time celebrating with our centenarian friends July 15 and none of it would have been possible without our community partners: BrooklineCAN, Center Communities of Brookline and Goddard House Assisted Living.” – – Julie Washburn

Read the story at WBUR 


Karmilo Wand, 100, with son Leon Gunther

Karmilo Wand, 100, with son Leon Gunther











Max Siegel, 103, with Vera Sharma

Max Siegel, 103, with Vera Sharma










Sadie Snyder, 105

Sadie Snyder, 105











Elinor Down, 103, with Julie Washburn, program manager

Elinor Down, 103, with Julie Washburn, program manager










We were sorry to learn that Ethel Weiss died Thursday, December 10.  She was 101.

Ethel Weiss,  100, with her daughter Anita Jamieson

Ethel Weiss, 100, with her daughter Anita Jamieson