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“One of our strengths is recruiting volunteers. We have 275, many of whom have worked with us for ten years or more. They donate the equivalent number of hours of 20 full-time people.”

- – Ruthann Dobek

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Our annual Volunteer Luncheon recognizes the selfless work of our volunteers without whom the Senior Center could not operate.

The 2014 John Dolan Volunteer Award winner is Ted Shamitz.

The 2014 Molly Dolan Volunteer Award winner is Claire Weston.


AARP tax volunteers

Food pantry workers

Mei Chu

Richard Cohen

Jean Doherty

Carol and Phil Fullerton

Jacob Knable

Sherry Lee

Akemi Minami

Fran Pechenick

Teresa Pinchieri

Sandy Rosenfield

Vera Sharma

Ted Shamitz

Barbara Sloet

Lorraine Tobin

Eileen Ward

Michael Weston

Claire Weston

Ada White

Marilyn Zachmann


High school volunteers are available to help you with your grocery shopping. Call the coordinator to find our more about the SHOP program:       617. 730. 2743

Volunteer opportunities here at the Center:

Information and referral red tape cutter specialists

Receptionist and greeter

Project mass mailings

Gift cart

Cultural events, trips and theatre organizers

Weekend programs

Computer lab

Discussion group leaders

Group games

Exercise and fitness

Library: book and DVD home deliveries

Music, entertainment, chorus

Support groups

Food distribution

Kitchen help

Board members