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Brookline Senior Center Building

Ruthann Dobek, director

Dancing With the Stars, the Brookline version, Saturday, November 8, 6:30 @Our Lady of Annunciation

Eight contestants, each representing a Brookline group, compete to raise money for a special charity.  JERRY BILLOW is dancing to support us.  Specifically, his goal is to help us raise enough to buy a much-needed new van. 

Why? Last year 150 riders took 3,700 rides.  The van has made 40,000 rides in its lifetime.

Buy a ticket, be a sponsor.  The event is one of the Brookline Rotary’s fun raisers. . . Our Lady of Annunciation Church, 7 VFW Parkway, West Roxbury, 6:30 – 10:30.  Here’s how you can help:  

Gold:  $5,000

Silver:  $2,000  

Bronze:  $1,000 

Premium seat:  $125 

General seat:  $75

http://www.brooklinerotary.org  click the dancers

If you’re unable to join us and would like to support the event, please make checks payable to “Rotary District 7910 Charity Fund” and write “Jerry Billow – Brookline Senior Center” on the memo line.  Mail to:  Rotary Club of Brookline, PO Box 136, Brookline, MA  02446    Thank you

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Sunday, November 9, Devotion School, 345 Harvard St, 11-2 pm

Thursday, December 4, Brookline Health Department, 11 Pierce St, 4-6 pm

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Welcome to those reading for the first time.  This is a great way to stay connected to programs and services we offer.  So come out and join us.  As well, we will mail you the paper edition of News and Events each month:   $10/yr.      We offer free bread and produce every Tuesday, 2-4 pm.  Lunch is available weekdays.  Our concerts and movies are free.  Transportation is available at subsidized rates.  Our staff and volunteers offer counseling and direct assistance with fuel, food stamps and income tax.


We still need donations of better costume jewelry and home-baked goods.  If you can assist, call Julie Washburn:  617. 730. 2760  or   Sharon Devine:  617. 730. 2769

Thank you: Autumn Benefit Sponsors (a/o 9/30)

Diamond:  $2,500

Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center

Ruby:  $1,500

Bay State Federal Savings Charitable Foundation, Goddard House Assisted Living, Hamilton Company:  Maura and Harold Brown, Chobee Hoy, Shulamit Kahn and Kevin Lang, Betsy Pollock, Suzanne Salamon and Alan Einhorn, Winnie and Richard Rubino

Sapphire:  $1,000

Laurde and Elias Audy:  Cypress Automart

Emerald:  $500

Atkin Associates LLC, Doris Toby Axelrod and Lawrence Marks, Bank of Canton, Center Communities of Brookline/Hebrew Senior Life, Coolidge House, Golden Living Centers/Heathwood, Margie and Rev. George Chapman, Patricia Dobek, Ruthann Dobek and Glenn Boghosian, Sidney Gelb, Deb Goldberg, Mount Pleasant Home, The Move Maven, Providence House Senior Living, Ruth Kertzer Seidman and Aaron Seidman, Wade Horowitz LaPointe LLC, Sonia and William Wong

Topaz:  $300

Anonymous (3), Carla and Dick Benka, Brookline Hearing Services, Brookline Municipal Credit Union, Carol and Frank Caro, Nancy Daly and Kevin Cavanaugh, Marilyn and Andre Danesh, Betsy and Dennis DeWitt, Emilie Drooker, Elder Achievers, Doris and Saul Feldman, Demee Gamboulos and Kenneth Goldstein, Marcia and Robert Heist, Helen and Rudy Kass, V. Celia Lascarides-Manley, Levine/Stanetsky Memorial Chapels, Corrine Long, So Hing Mak, Cecily and Alan Morse, Lucy and Dick Robb, Enid Shapiro, Robert Sperber, Jean and Peter Stringham, Roberta Winitzer, Christina Wolf and John Bassett, Leroy Neuberg, Wade Horowitz LaPointe LLC, Ada and William White, Phyllis Baker, Beverly Gleason, Martha Sue Turnbull, Mady and Bruce Donoff, John Hull, Ellen Ziskind, Beatrice Telegen, Elizabeth Buonaugurio, Paula Gardner, Mary Ames, Paula and Norman Menyuk, Helen and How Wong, John Carrier, John Backman, Adele Pike, Frances Chaikin, Harriet and Allan Sutfin

Podiatry, Blood Pressure Screening

Barbara Westley

Friday, October 31, Friday, November 7, Friday, November 21 and Friday, December 5 – - Podiatry Clinic from 9-12 noon.  Dr. John Laughlin will see you here for a 15-minute session for routine foot care.    $30   Appointments:  617. 730. 2777

Wednesday, November 5 – - Barbara Westley, Brookline Public Health Nurse, blood pressure screening at the Health Department, 2-3 pm, Pierce St   (Call to confirm:  617. 730. 2300)

Thursday, November 6 – - Ask a Nurse from the Greater Medford Visiting Nurse Association will be here at 11 for blood pressure screening and health questions.  781. 396. 2633

Wednesday, November 12 – -  Barbara Westley, Brookline Public Health Nurse, blood pressure screening at Sussman House, 1-2 pm, 50 Pleasant St    (Call to confirm:  617. 734. 6349)

Thursday, November 20 – -  Barbara Westley, Brookline Public Health Nurse, blood pressure screening 9-10 am, here at 93 Winchester St    (Call to confirm:  617. 730. 2770)

Wednesday, November 26 – -  Barbara Westley, Brookline Public Health Nurse, blood pressure screening at O’Shea House    (Call to confirm:  617. 730. 2300)

Council on Aging Meets 11/12

Join us Wednesday, November 12 at 1 for a discussion with Lillian Hartman, director of Norfolk County RSVP Program and Robert Pierson, recruitment coordinator.  RSVP is the retired senior volunteer program headquartered at Norfolk County Commissioners’ Office, 614 High Street, PO Box 310 , Dedham, MA 02027

Film: "The Genius of Marian" 11/13

Thursday, November 13, 4-6:30 pm

Free screening of “The Genius of Marian,” a documentary about Alzheimer’s, the power of art and the meaning of family.  Sorry, no captioning.  RSVP by 11/6:  617. 730. 2770

- – Sponsored by the Brookline Community Aging Network, Education Committee, and the Alzheimer’s Association.

Mass College of Pharmacy, 11/20

Join students from the Mass College of Pharmacy and Health Sciences here at 1 to discuss how to prevent heart problems and live a healthy life.

Healthy Eating with Laura Hartung, 11/24

Join registered dietician and nutritionist Laura Hartung here at 1 for a demonstration of how cooking can be fun and doesn’t have to take forever.  Today’s dish:  ginger peanut tofu stir fry.  Registration:  617 730. 2770

Get a Job

ITN Greater Boston is looking for a dependable, caring paid driver to cover Brookline, Newton and parts of Boston.  If you’re available 10-12 hours a week, please call 508. 309. 7375 or email ITN:       jpbushness@itngreaterboston.org

As wise as Salamon

Suzanne Salamon, MD is chief associate of clinical geriatrics at Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center.   Email general questions to mdeery@brooklinema.gov or call Maureen: 617. 730. 2743.   These are excerpts.

NOVEMBER:  “It’s winter.”  Dr. Salamon says:  get a flu shot, wash your hand often.  Dress warmly.  Wear shoes with heavy soles that grip and use handrails.  Have a three day supply of food, water and medicine in case of bad weather.  Keep extra blankets.  Stay in touch with friends.

OCTOBER:  “Is dizziness the same as vertigo?”  Dizziness is a vague term.  It can be lightheaded or feeling like you may faint or feel off balance.  Some causes:  not enough fluids, heart problems, medicine, low blood sugar, anxiety, anemia.  Most dizziness is transient.

Vertigo is the feeling that you or the room is spinning.  It can be caused by abnormality in the ear or brain.  The most common type is Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (BPPV) which happens when the head is moved suddenly or in a certain position, like leaning backing in the sink at the hair salon.  Symptoms usually last a few minutes.  Most BPPV resolves by itself.  Medication has side effects and is rarely helpful.

SEPTEMBER:  “Lowering cholesterol without meds.”  Dr. Daniel Pendick, Harvard Medical Health Letter writes:  To help prevent kidney stones, drink water and citrus, get calcium from dairy since not enough can cause stones.  Reduce salt: too much triggers stones.  Will also help blood pressure and heart.  Limit animal protein: red meat, poultry, eggs, seafood since it boosts uric acid.  The Mayo Clinic writes: Lose weight, eat healthier fats and lean meat, olive and canola oils; no trans fats (partially hydrogenated oils); limit cholesterol, eat fruit and vegetables, and food rich in omega-3 fatty acids like salmon, mackerel, herring, walnuts, almonds, flaxseed.  Exercise, don’t smoke, alcohol in moderation.”

JULY:  “Irritable bowel syndrome is a disorder of the intestines.  It is different from ulcerative colitis or Crohn’s disease.  We really don’t know what causes IBS.  For some, dairy, caffeine, carbonated drinks, fruit, vegetables, sugar and artificial sweeteners are culprits.  For others, stress may make symptoms worse.  Some doctors recommend probiotics, good bacteria found in yogurt and pills.  A new diet called FODMAP is getting press.  They are poorly digested sugar and fiber that may add to ISB symptoms:  wheat, barley, rye, onion, garlic, beans, dairy, honey, apples, peaches, apricots, blackberries, corn syrup and sweeteners.  It would be worth eating less of them to see if you improve.”

JUNE:  Not sleeping.  Why?  “Spicy foods, heartburn, lactose intolerance, abdominal pain, caffeine from coffee, tea and chocolate; alcohol, medications like decongestants, some blood pressure, some anti-depressants and steroids; sleeping pills.  Try warm showers, reading, deep breathing, some teas. It is common to have short periods of trouble sleeping.  If they persist, speak with your doctor.

MAY:  Cholesterol.  “People with cholesterol that is too high have a greater risk of heart attack and stroke.  We consider “normal” to be total cholesterol below 200;  LDL below 130;  HDL above 60; Triglycerides below 150.  Not everyone with high cholesterol needs statins.  However, if you’ve already had a heart attack, stroke, heart disease, diabetes, or peripheral artery disease, these medicines are important.  Statins lower cholesterol and help prevent plaque buildup.  You can stop eating saturated fat (red meat, cheese), lose weight, be more active, eat fatty fish 2X/week and take fish oil to try to lower cholesterol without medication.”

Suzanne Salamon

Betsy Pollock, president

Ever lose your balance?  It’s scary.   

That’s why we offer classes like “Matter of Balance” and chair yoga.  They keep you stronger.  That’s why we’re so excited about our new Fitness Center.

But balance isn’t just important for older adults.  It’s important for the Senior Center itself!  And this winter, with all of our construction costs, we lost our balance.  To finish our renovation, we borrowed money.  

We want to balance our books and put the Senior Center back in balance.  Please help by making a gift.   You can donate online here or send a check to Brookline Senior Center, 93 Winchester St., Brookline MA 02446.  Gifts of $1,000 are added to our Wall of Honor.

Our endowment is now $1 million. Endowments help ensure the future of the organization with income stream and reserves. It took 11 years to reach the first million. We’re hoping to double our endowment by 2018. You can contribute directly or put the Brookline Senior Center in your will.  These gifts help maintain our programs and physical plant.  I, the board and the entire Center family thank you.

You are a special part of us!  Thanks to your generosity we continue moving forward.  A while back, we reached out to learn what services and facilities you think are most valuable to our health.  Fitness and balance classes topped the list.  People asked for more private space, more medical services and classrooms.  So renovating our fitness center became a priority.

Last winter we launched our first major renovation since the building was built:  renovating 2,500 square feet in our four-story building.  We have two new classrooms, three new offices, a conference room,  and we moved the fitness center from the basement to the sunny second floor.  It’s fantastic.

The cost came to $294,000.  Out of pocket for demolition, architect, labor and materials is $234,000.  Plus, we budgeted $60,000 for computers, medical and fitness gear.  The Town of Brookline helped us get two Community development Block Grants for $108,000 and insisted we raise the rest from people like you.  We’re $92,150 out of balance.

Will you help?  You know the value.  You know people turn to us for fuel assistance, hot lunch, fitness and more.   With your support we can go on providing the community support you depend on.  Please use the Paypal button above.   Checks welcome.  Thank you.

Donate via Paypal


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