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Transportation Services

Transportation Options for Older




The Brookline Senior Center would like to welcome new driver Michael Shaw to the team! As he gets acclimated and while Agilio is on vacation, Van and Bus service will be limited until July 21. Please continue to call the Van Reservation Line at 617-730-2750 to book a ride to the Senior Center.

Please also note: Medical Transportation services will not be available on July 4-8.

Lastly, we will no longer be accepting BETS coupon returns as of July 1, 2022 

Transportation to the Senior Center

For transportation to the Brookline Senior Center, residents of the Town can call the Van reservation Line at (617)730-2750 at least one business day in advance.

Brookline Senior Center Medical Transportation

The Brookline Senior Center is working with Modern Ride (a local taxi dispatch service) to continue to provide free medical transportation services to older residents using existing taxi services in the area. Requests for medical transportation should continue to be left on the Brookline Senior Center Medical Transportation Line at (617)879-4878 at least 3 business days in advance of the appointment. Your request will be confirmed within 24 hours. This service is available for rides within the Town of Brookline and to select medical facilities and vaccination appointments Monday – Friday from 9AM–5PM. To make a reservation call: (617)879-4878.

Brookline Transportation Program with Lyft

This program offers 4 subsidized rides per month on Lyft to older adults in Brookline and is limited to income eligible seniors, aged 60 and over (individual $78,300 maximum; couple $89,500 maximum). Lyft is a ridesharing transportation company that offers curb-to-curb service nationwide. The Brookline Program will offer four discounted rides per month of up to $10 per ride.  The passenger will pay the first $2; the discount will pay up to the next $10. The discount will automatically download each month into the Lyft app on your smartphone. This option will be available 24/7 without any restrictions on miles or pick up location. For more information, contact Maria Foster at (617)730-2644 or mfoster@brooklinema.gov.

Brookline Transportation Program with GoGo

This program offers 4 subsidized rides per month with GoGo Grandparent, a national company that provides dispatch service for Uber/Lyft vehicles in our area from your landline or “flip” phone. This program is currently limited to income eligible seniors (60) and over (individual $78,300 maximum; couple $89,500 maximum). The Brookline Program will offer four discounted rides per month of up to $10 per ride.  The passenger will pay the first $2; the discount will pay up to the next $10. This option will be available 24/7 but is limited to trips within Brookline and select medical facilities. For more information, contact Maria Foster, Community Outreach Specialist for the Council on Aging at (617)730-2644 or mfoster@brooklinema.gov.


HELP Program

Brookline’s HELP Program can connect older adults to escorts and limited transportation. This is a paid service with home care workers vetted by Council on Aging social workers. A home visit is required to participate in the HELP Program. While the Senior Center is closed, staff will be conducting telephone assessments of new clients. Please call (617) 730-2752. Currently, the HELP Program is offering free transportation to eye care appointments through the Trusted Transportation Program.  Call the HELP Program to find out more.

Other Transportation Options

MBTA Senior CharlieCard

The MBTA Senior Charlie Card provides for a 50% discount on the subway and bus system. To obtain a Senior CharlieCard, visit: https://www.mbta.com/fares/reduced/senior-charliecard. The TRIPPS Program at the Senior Center can help obtain a Senior Charlie card through the online system if needed. Please call the TRIPPS line at (617)730-2644 to schedule an appointment.

MBTA – Ride

The Ride paratransit service provides door-to-door, shared ride transportation to eligible people who are unable to use the MBTA’s fixed route transit (bus, subway, trolley) some or all of the time due to physical, cognitive or mental disability. To qualify, contact The Ride Eligibility Center (617-337-2727).


The PT-1 Transportation Program is a Medical Transportation Program for those who have MassHealth (Standard, CommonHealth, CarePlus). MassHealth customers may qualify for medical transportation to MassHealth covered appointments. For more information speak to your MassHealth provider or call the MassHealth customer service number at (800)841-2900.


Metro Cab is a Brighton based cab company that will serve Brookline residents at (617)782-5500 but please be aware that MetroCab will not take the Brookline Senior Taxi Coupons.  They do provide some wheelchair accessible vans.

GoGo Grandparent

Residents who do not qualify for the subsidized program with GoGo can choose to sign up with the company on their own. Call: (855)464-6872 or (888)755-1775 or visit: https://gogograndparent.com/.

Volunteer Medical Escort Programs

FriendshipWorks: https://fw4elders.org/ or call (857)465-3126
Springwell: https://springwell.com/service/medical-escort/ or call (617)926-4100

Translation Services are Available

* Дополнительную информацию по выбору вариантов транспортных услуг и перевод на русский язык можно получить по телефону (617) 730-2740.

* Translation services are available.


Apply for a Senior Charlie Card with Us!


Do you need a new Senior Charlie Card? Volunteers from the TRIPPS Program at the Senior Center can help to process new Senior Charlie Cards through the MBTA online application form. Senior Charlie Cards offer a 50% discount on the subway, bus and Commuter Rail. Call 617-730-2644 to schedule an appointment. As a reminder, this is for NEW Senior Charlie Cards ONLY. Renewals can be processed by calling the Charlie Card Store at 617-222-3200.