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Senior Center Services

Hours:  8:30 – 5pm weekdays   We are open by appointment only

Address:  93 Winchester St, Brookline, MA  02446

Information:  617. 730. 2770

Social Services:  617. 730. 2777

Ruthann Dobek, director:  617. 730. 2770          rdobek@brooklinema.gov

webmaster:  kkaufman@corp-edge.com

AARP Tax Help Appointments

Tax appointments start in February. If conditions permit, we will start making appointments January 21:  617. 730. 2777.   Part of the process will be in person followed by phone calls to finalize your return.

Memory Connections Cafe, 1/25

The Cafe, for people with early memory challenges along with their care partners, meets Monday, January 25 from 1:30-3:00 pm. Contact Mark Catalano: 617. 855. 9086 to register and get the Zoom link.  Email: mark.catalano.brooklinema@gmail

Mark, along with HELP counselor Michael Allen, (617. 730. 2752) are managing the Cafe and the ELF program.

We are happy to announce the arrival of Lucy Iris Jensen December 4. Jamie Jensen continues on leave through February.

Fuel Assistance

The Low Income Energy Assistance Program is taking applications through April to help with home heating. For one person, income is not to exceed $39,105. For two people, $51,137. You can apply for weatherizing, heating repairs, conservation and more. Call Boston ABCD: 617.357.6012    www.bostonabcd.org/service/fuel-assistance-2                    We have a number of appointments here: 617.730.2777

Alert Brookline

Alert Brookline sends critical messages for weather, water and missing persons among others. If you have a landline in Brookline, you are already registered. To enroll your cell phone and email: www.brooklinema.gov/alert

Medical Transport: Brookline/Longwood

We have a program for non-emergency rides ONLY in Brookline and the Longwood area using our van and bus. Priority goes to residents using the BETS program (see below). Hours: Monday-Friday, 9:00-3:00 pm. Pickups in Brookline begin at 9 am and the last pickup in Longwood area is 3 pm. Masks are required and there is a limit of one person per vehicle (you may bring a PCA or companion). Call us at least three to 30 business days in advance: 617. 730. 2750

Help from and to Brookline High School Students

Our SHOP program has new interim no-contact activities for people over 60 in Brookline with students from the High School.  Together you can be

♠ Pen pals,

♠ Zooming vocals or instruments,

♠ Playing games and crosswords,

♠ Talking on the phone,

♠ Reading short stories and poetry,

♠ Going on museum tours and

♠ Helping students with their school work!  Spelling and grammar haven’t changed since you were in school.

Call Patricia Burns: 617. 730. 2743 or write pburns@brooklinema.gov

Snow Shoveling

Brookline Recreation has teens throughout Brookline who are looking for customers. You and the teen negotiate payment and responsibilities. Call Recreation: 617. 730. 2069 to register. If you know a teen who wants a job, they register:   http://www.brooklinerec.com


BETS (Brookline Elder Taxi System) –   Maria Foster: 617. 730.2644 or write mfoster@brooklinema.gov

BROOKLINE TRIPPS – For alternatives to driving, and questions about the MBTA, TheRIDE, Uber, Lyft and medical transport: Maria Foster: 617.730.2644

BLAB  (Brookline Legal Assistance Bureau) – The Legal Bureau is closed

HELP – Help with meals, errands, cleaning and shopping:  617.730.2752

ELF – (Equipment Loan Fund) donation and loan of gently used equipment.  We are loaning and accepting some medical equipment.  PLEASE DO NOT COME OVER WITHOUT SPEAKING TO STAFF FIRST.  617. 730. 2752 or write  mallen@brooklinema.gov   

FILE OF LIFE – The forms tell first responders how to help you. You carry one and put the other on the refrigerator.  Forms: 617. 730. 2777

REAP – (Retirement Engagement Alternatives Program)   Deidre Waxman facilitates job search, resumes and networking.  dwaxman@brooklinema.gov     617. 730. 2767

SHINE – Explore health insurance options with Sonia Wong, Steve Maas and Sybil Levisohn.   Free counseling by phone with an appointment:  617. 730. 2777

– – Sonia Wong, by Mimi Katz

CARE Caregiver Assistance Relief

We provide Brookline families free respite and companionship through the CARE program, which operates under the auspices of our HELP program.  CARE provides Brookline caregivers a break from caring for an older adult family member.  It does not include personal care like dressing, bathing or medication services.  Call the HELP staff: 617. 730. 2752

Alzheimer’s Caregivers Support

Ted Sturman is available by phone for support:  617. 803. 6105

Rides to Eye Appointments

Trusted Transportation Partner offers free rides to eye appointments.  Call  617. 730. 2752 at least one business week before.  Operating for current and new clients.

Vibrant Assistive Technology Program

Assistive technology programs include Zoom meetings, reading applications and ride sharing among others. Assistive is hardware or software to help with cooking, cleaning, shopping, reading, TV, creating spreadsheets, banking, travel, health and fitness.  Anyone with low vision or blindness is welcome, along with those interested in how we are treating the spectrum of vision loss.  Rachel Castle: 617. 608. 4150  rcastle@mabcommunity.org

Food Pantry at St. Paul’s Church

The Tuesday pantry here is closed. The Food Pantry at St. Paul’s is open.


Patricia Burns: 617. 730. 2743  

REAP: Retirement Engagement Alternatives Program

  • REAP  addresses the needs of Brookline residents over 60
  • Are you newly retired and looking for work?
  • Are you planning for retirement?
  • Do you want to volunteer?
  • Could you use part-time work?

REAP is designed for people who wish to remain engaged and active in the community while in retirement or partial retirement. The goal of the program is to enhance the retirement experience by linking participants with either part-time paid or volunteer work either in the community or at the Brookline Senior Center.

THE BROOKLINE SENIOR CENTER partners with other local organizations to offer fulfilling and interesting opportunities.  These include:    BrooklineCAN, Senior Community Service Employment Program (SCSEP), Brookline Adult and Community Education, Executive Office of Elder Affairs, Brookline Town Departments in addition to the Tax Work-Off, and limited grant funded employment at the Brookline Senior Center for qualified Brookline residents.

REAP OFFERS:  Confidential, free consultation around skills and interests
• On-going skills based workshops and training for employment seekers
• Employer-employee matching service
• Matching participants to meaningful volunteer opportunities
• Networking support groups

WORKSHOPS and training include:  Wisdom Works Job Search Training, networking support groups, resume writing and online job search

STAFF:  Deidre Waxman, LICSW  REAP coordinator and employment skills counselor Patricia Burns

ELIGIBLE: Brookline residents age 60 and over

FEES:  none


1.  An initial interview with the program coordinator to determine interests, skills and background
2.  Complete a confidential application
3.  On-going support in job search and volunteer placement

Deidre Waxman:  617. 730. 2767      dwaxman@brooklinema.gov


Brookline Transportation Program with Lyft

While we encourage everyone to stay at home, we realize some need to get to medical appointments or the grocery and Lyft could be a good option if you want to avoid the T. We are able to process applications via phone and email. 

This program offers 4 subsidized rides per month on Lyft to older adults in Brookline. This program is currently limited to income eligible seniors (60) and over (individual $67,400 maximum; couple $77,000 maximum). Lyft is a ride sharing company that offers curb-to-curb service nationwide. The Brookline Program will offer four discounted rides per month of up to $10 per ride.  The passenger will pay the first $2; the coupon will pay up to the next $10. The coupon will automatically download each month into the Lyft app on your smartphone. This option will be available 24/7 without any restrictions on miles or pick-up location. For more information, contact Maria Foster, Community Outreach Specialist for the Council on Aging at 617. 730. 2644 or mfoster@brooklinema.gov

Metro Cab
Metro Cab in Brighton: 617. 782. 5500 DOES NOT ACCEPT Brookline Senior Taxi Coupons.  They do have wheelchair accessible vans.

GoGo Grandparent
Gogo Grandparent www.gogograndparent.com orders and monitors rides on your behalf through ride-sharing services like Uber and Lyft. Gogo Grandparent calls the ride on your behalf, so users do not need a smartphone to use the service. If you have a smartphone call Maria Foster: 617. 730. 2644

Operators and oversight fee of .27 per minute from when they start monitoring to when they stop. In addition, you are charged the ride-share network fare. support@gogograndparent.com
855-464-6872 or 888-755-1775

MBTA – Ride
The Ride provides door-to-door, shared transportation if you are unable to use the MBTA’s bus, subway, trolley some or all of the time.

  • If you are a new RIDE user, you may be granted temporary eligibility if you meet medical criteria provided to your healthcare provider by TREC (617-337-2727).
  • If you are a current RIDE user who will require re-certification soon, your eligibility will be automatically extended.
  • Whether you are a new RIDE customer or an existing RIDE customer whose eligibility has been extended, you will eventually need an in-person interview.
  • Information from the RMV



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