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Zumba Gold Thursdays

Emily Brenner, instructor leads Zumba Gold Thursdays from 1:15-2:15.  The session runs February 7 to March 28.  Drop in for a class: $7.  Session: $45 and free to Brookline Housing Authority residents. – – Sponsored by the Brookline Multiservice Senior Center Corp


– – Emily Brenner photo courtesy of Ohm Wellness Center


Age Friendly Business Practices

When we ask for opinions on what is important in making a business age friends, we get:  places to sit and rest, helpful staff, and access to rest rooms.  Others include staff who speak loudly and clearly without being patronizing and patience with transactions.  We share the results of the survey with businesses in our campaigns.  To participate click: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/YQBNVV3

Computer Tuesdays + Thursdays

Meet with Fran Pechenick for computer basics, email and internet.  Dan Siagel does individual half hour sessions Tuesdays 12-2. Dan works with Smartphones, tablets and laptops Apple, Windows, and Android.  Appointments needed. Call Olga Sliwa:  617. 730. 2768

Plus, Alan Shepro is here Thursdays in the computer lab from 2-4 for drop-in visits.  If it has a chip, he can help.

Bridge Fridays

Bridge guru Jan Davidson welcomes experienced players Fridays at 9 am.  Join us for revolving games.  617. 730. 2760

Musical Memories Group

Beginning in March, Simmons social work intern Laci Gonzalez is offering a 5-week discussion group on the influence that music has on our lives. Group members will share their favorite songs and talk about how music impacts and shapes our lives.  Register: 617. 730. 2772

Community Partner 2018


– – left to right: Patricia Burns, volunteer coordinator; director Ruthann Dobek and SHOP advisor Lisa Gaffey

Our community partner of the year is the Brookline High School SHOP program.  SHOP is a collaboration between us and the community service group at the school:  students helping seniors with shopping along with developing new friendships.  Student coordinators are  Nick Brown, Shahar Hartman and Roy Golan along with faculty advisor Lisa Gaffey.  In March, the SHOP program was featured on Boston 25 NEWS (link to the right). The luncheon was dedicated to the memory of Vivian H. Freeman, a volunteer coordinator for 18 years.  Vivian was a Wellesley College graduate with a master’s in education.

Celebrating his one-year anniversary as a volunteer: Daniel Price:    Thank you speech     (click to listen)    We feel he has enriched our lives as much as we have enriched his.

Senior Chorus Fridays

New members welcome, no audition.  Led by Joe Reid, Fridays at 10:30

Join the Fitness Center

Be a member:  Includes strength training and cardio equipment, small group classes, relaxed atmosphere, and help from a personal trainer. Sharon Devine: 617. 730. 2769

Ping Pong Fridays

Join Lin Sasman, ping pong coordinator, Fridays 1-5 pm.

2018 Volunteer of the Year: Eleanor Small

Eleanor Ruthann

– – Eleanor Small, left

Our John and Molly Dolan volunteer of the year is Eleanor Small who’s been with us for 12 years.  She works the gift cart, food pantry and the craft fair.  Eleanor is also the co-leader of the out to lunch bunch and an avid bridge player.  Ruthann Dobek describes Eleanor as warm and welcoming.  “She never waits to be asked to help.  Eleanor is a true ambassador of the Center and exemplified the sharing, giving and paying it forward of John and Molly Dolan for whom the award is named.”


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    Flying Blind: Mapping Myself by Martin R. Anderson in Gallery 93 through February


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    Be one:  http://www.brooklinecan.org/age_friendly_business.html

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    The Library Connection delivers library material to home bound Brookline residents. Volunteers will deliver. If you want to be a volunteer or receive the service, contact volunteer coordinator Patricia Burns: 617. 730. 2743

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