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News and Events

Food Pantry Volunteers Tuesdays

Meet a handful of our food pantry volunteers.  They’re here every Tuesday setting out a varied selection of produce and packaged goods. This program is ten years old and going strong. There’s no membership fee and no questions asked.  Open to all:  https://www.brooklineseniorcenter.org/subscribe-to-monthly-news-events/

Senior Chorus Fridays

New members welcome, no audition.  Led by Joe Reid, Fridays at 10:30

Join the Fitness Center

Be a member:  Includes strength training and cardio equipment, small group classes, relaxed atmosphere, and help from a personal trainer. Sharon Devine: 617. 730. 2769

Ping Pong Fridays

Join Lin Sasman, ping pong coordinator, Fridays 1-5 pm.

Reiki Therapy Tuesdays

Akemi Minami, certified Reiki therapist, offers 25-minute appointments to Brookline residents over 60 and Senior Center volunteers.  Sessions: 9-12 noon Tuesdays.   $7/session  Five-treatment books:  $25    617. 730. 2777

Rummikub Fridays

The new Rummikub group meets Fridays from 9-11:30 with leader Hedwig Baillie.

French Conversation Tuesdays

We meet Tuesdays from 12-1.  New members, regardless of proficiency, welcome.  groupe en est un de conversation Français-Anglais

Chess Thursdays and Fridays

Play Thursdays, 1-3 pm with Joe Miller, facilitator. Bring a board or use ours.

Beginners!  Three Brookline High School seniors, co-captains of their chess club, are here Fridays from 3-5 for lessons and games.  Patricia Burns:  617. 730. 2743

Barbara’s Tips for Riding the T

TRIPPS volunteer Barbara suggests:

– Going at off hours, not from 7-10am and 4-6 pm

– Keep your belongings close

– Use the yellow strips to indicate a stop

– Green Line at Boylston and Hynes stops don’t have elevators or escalators

– Use a senior CharlieCard

– When boarding, have CharlieCard ready to tap

– Two seats at the front are for seniors and the disabled.  If you need a seat, ask.


Jane’s Tips for Uber + Lyft

TRIPPS volunteer Jane suggests:

– downloading Uber and Lyft to compare prices

– Enter an address or a business name into “current location” so it’s easier for driver to find you

– Be sure the address you put in is in the town you want.  Main St, Washington St are found everywhere.

– Stand where the driver can see you and pull over. Keep the phone in your hand.

  • Check license plate and name of the driver
  • Tips can be added after the ride in the app
  • Take everything with you. You can retrieve lost items but you cannot contact your driver again
  • Advocate. If you need help with bags or seat belt, ask.

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    Tax Abatement: this program has a few openings for the 2020 fiscal year. To join, be over 60 and own property in town. Meet income requirements (below $62,450). Work 125 hours between now and March 15 in a Town department and get an abatement of $1,350. Call Deidre Waxman: 617. 730. 2767

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    BrooklineCAN needs volunteers to support our programs, We need members who like meeting and greeting. We work in teams, we engage in advocacy, social and educational events. Call 617. 730. 2777 or write: info@BrooklineCAN.org

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    Gallery 93 presents Rebecca Loechler’s Art for Pleasure class:  Ina Chertok, Joel Covitz, Elena Khanina, Renee Marshall, Lyudmila Rudyakov, Nancy Van Zant, Tamara Shilmayster, Kea van der Ziel, Florence Warren, Claire Weston

    Exhibition through August 30


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    Be one:  http://www.brooklinecan.org/age_friendly_business.html

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