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Donors 2020/2021


Annual appeal:  Elinor Davidson, Diane Sokal, Deborah and Jonathan Kolb, Pamela Grossman, Arnold A. Schaffer, Gustaaf C.M. Driessen and Lorraine Goldstein, anonymous, David Stearn, Mariah Nobrega, Elizabeth True Browder, Rhonda Glyman, Judith Bello, Dorothea A. Brown, Anne Levin, Mary E. McCann, Mary Jane McGoey, Richard and Winnie Rubino, Freda Scotch

In memory: Mitchell Tawa from Lucille Tawa, Andrea Canzonetti Griffen from Patricia H. Dobek, Judith Mabel from Palma Z. Spunt, Michelle Fitzgerald from Marcia Goldstein, Aaron Seidman from Margaret Guyer and Constantine Bialik, Frank Caro from the Caro family, Brother Charles Denos from Dorothy Delandis, Dottie Tishler from Susan Golden

In honor:  Elizabeth M. Fletcher honoring the fitness program, anonymous honoring the fitness program, Connie Warshowsky honoring Agilio and Springwell Grab and Go lunch, Jane Kaiser honoring Senior Center staff, Jean Doherty honoring Springwell Grab and Go lunch, Kathryn Kilpatrick honoring Sue Welpton

Thanks to  Bloomin’ 4 Good in April at Stop&Shop for contributions to our Grab and Go lunch

BrooklineCAN donors: Robert Weiss, Ann E. Stitt, Emanuel Howard and Julia Herskowitz, Barbara Lianides-Chin, Claire Goodwin, Barbara Weyl, Bambi Good, Dick and Lucy Robb, Carol Seibert and Lou Crimmins, Judith Sher, Lori and Jeff Berry, Laura Weisel and Neil Gordon, Bea Mikulecky, Susan Golden


Annual appeal:  Lea Mannion, Nyma Polumbaum, Robert M. Sprague, David Stern, Mariah Nobrega, Elizabeth True Browder

In memory:  Lars from Kristina Messler, Frank Caro from Betsy Pollock, Frank Caro from Sandra L. Spector, Marjorie Homonoff from Shannon R. Mitchell, Aaron Seidman from Margaret Guyer and Constantine Bialik, Evelyn Roll from Barr and Joyce Jozwicki, Frank Caro from Barr and Joyce Jozwicki

In honor: George and Mary Chin honoring and in appreciation of the AARP Tax program, Emily L. Bassett honoring volunteers of AARP Tax program, Lorraine Gleason honoring the fitness program, Mary W. Haas honoring the AARP Tax program, Kathleen Malloy honoring the AARP Tax program, Jean S. Dwyer honoring the AARP Tax program, Michele Chin honoring Sherry Lee, anonymous honoring the fitness program, Rosalie Rothstein honoring staff at 100 Centre St, Marie-Louise Gabbe honoring baby Lucy Jensen, Constance Warshowsky honoring Agilio and grab and go lunches, Fay Jordan honoring the fitness program, Arlene Levitt honoring Sharon Devine and the fitness program, Muriel Stark honoring Dr. Swannie Jett and Bernard Greene, Dorothy Delandis honoring Senior Center volunteers, Sylvia Mary Yuet Ooi honoring the AARP Tax program


Annual appeal:  Deborah and Jonathan Kolb, Daria OConnor, Kea van der Ziel,  Elizabeth True Browder, Carol and Maurice Sapoznik, Bernard Greene, John VanScoyoc, David Stern, Mariah Nobrega, Maureen Burke Sheils, Harriet B. McGraw Charitable Fund, Albert Tuchman, Susan D. Macht, Cindy Stinson

In memory: June Zuroms from Patricia H. Dobek, Aaron Seidman from Margaret Guyer and Constantine Bialik, Shirley Robinson from Sharon Herman and Arnie Miller

In honor: Ruth Kaplan and Toby Kusmer honoring Eleanor F. Kaplan’s 100th birthday, Martha Schieve honoring Olga Sliwa and Michael Allen, Ethel Miller honoring the AARP Tax program, Diane and George Nelson honoring the AARP Tax program, anonymous honoring the Fitness program, Constance Warshowsky honoring Agilio, Roger and Grab and Go Lunch”, Eleanor Small honoring the Senior Center social workers, Ruthann Dobek honoring Patricia Burns, Sue B. Reamer honoring Sharon Devine, Kathleen M. Murphy honoring the AARP Tax program, anonymous honoring the AARP Tax program, Clara Chin honoring Patricia Burns, Larry and Yurika Geffin honoring the AARP Tax program, Kathryn Kilpatrick honoring Maria Foster

BrooklineCAN donors: Mariah Nobrega, Carla Tardi, Ruthann Dobek, Jonathan Klein,Margaret Cain, MarieLouise and David Gabbe, Mary and Paul Harris, Murray and Phyllis Marcus, Laura Baber, Rhonda Glyman, Harold and Karen Petersen, Sydney Rice, Cynthia Snow and Irving Kurki, Barbara Fitts, John Seay


Annual appeal:  Leila and Arnold Abelow, Marie-Louise Gabbe, Arthur Sands, Mary B. Comstock, Sidney C. Gelb, Barbara Rabinovitz, Joyce Wolf, John and Linda Freeman, Marie Claire Kamin, Elinor Davidson, Yolanda E. Santo, Harry S. Margolis, David E. and Melissa D. Trevvett, David Stern, Mariah Nobrega, Jeannine Schetzen, Esther Bullitt, Martha Schieve

In memory: Frank Caro from Reva Katz, Lorraine Dobek from Patricia H. Dobek, Romana M. Ehrlich from Lorraine G. Stevens, Joan Wong from Perry Wong, Aaron Seidman from Margaret Guyer and Constantine Bialik, Andrea Canzonetti from Patricia H. Dobek

In honor: Janie Chickering honoring Julie Washburn, Connie Warshowsky honoring Agilio, Roger and Springwell grab & go lunch, anonymous honoring Senior Center fitness programs, Dotty Bell honoring Patricia Burns, Elizabeth M. Fletcher honoring Senior Center fitness programs, Rhona Hirschowitz honoring Lynn Modell, Edye Rulin honoring Julie Washburn, Barbara and David Westley honoring AARP tax aide program, Lourdes Ileto honoring grab & go lunch volunteers, Jane Kaiser honoring Olga Sliwa, Joseph Trunk honoring Sharon Devine, Judy Leonardo honoring AARP tax aide program, Diane Brown honoring AARP tax aide program, Lawrence Bailis honoring Deidre Waxman, Claire Goodwin honoring Julie Washburn, Sonia and William Wong honoring Patricia Burns

BrooklineCAN donors: Alan and Cecily Morse, Carol Woodworth and Jon Wulp, Kathryn Kilpatrick, Zippy Ostroy, Marcia Hnatowich, Linda and Henry Okun, Marilyn Silverman, Rebecca Stone and Stephen Walt, Patricia Dobek, Carol Seibert and Lou Crimmins

In memory of Hoda Shore: Hoda would have celebrated a birthday in March. She was an active volunteer who worked the gift cart and assisted on the lunch line. Scrabble players remember Hoda as a fervent and regular player who played with a deep love of the game and friendly companionship. Her quick wit and warmth are remembered fondly. We may honor her memory by reaching out; we imagine her giving a greeting and sharing a puzzle.


Annual appeal: anonymous, Chobee Hoy, Ellen Feingold, Barbara Gold, Chuck Swartz, Nancy Ciaranello, Elizabeth True Browder, Julie Horvath, Vivien Goldman, Francine Grossbart, Renee Hecht, Benjamin Hellerstein, Julia Herskowitz, Marilyn Jurich, Helen and Leonard Krulewich, Patricia Meany, Simon Shoes, Gloria Thompson, Leah and Robert Winter, Mr. and Mrs. Richard Benka, Barbara Cone, Stefanie Greenfield, Oscar Gualdoni, Nancy Miller, Catherine Anderson, Judith Vanderkay, Ann Turner and Harry Bohrs, Catherine Collins, Elinor Kaplan, John Neville, Anne Robertson, Emily Stahler, Frank and Rebecca Steinfield, Nancy Daly, Joan Lancourt, Sherry Lee, Sally Noteware, Arthur Gold, Rochelle Borg, David Dorer, Richard S. Eckaud, Sophie Karidoyanes, Marcia Wise, Judy Bednarz and Steve Wallace, Dorothea A. Brown, Franklin and Maria Ferguson, Ilana and David Lescohier, Robert Moran, Chetna Mehrotra Naimi, Carla Tardi, Lois Winnick, Judith Bello, Edmond Murad, Sue Reamer, Bay State Federal Savings Charitable Foundation, David Stern, Phyllis Baker, Joseph Figler, Anahid Maranci, Mary Jane McGoey, Mariah Nobrega, Elizabeth Buonaugurio, Nancy Kushlan Wanger, William R. and Ada G. White, David Klafter, Elizabeth Goldstein, Murray P. and Phyllis E. Marcus, Kea van dier Ziel, Rhoada Wald, Edward Wolpow

In memory of Frank Caro:  Abram and Martha Recht, Francine Perler, R. Ginsberg-Place and Joseph Perkell, Anne Trecker, Steven Bernstein, Susan and Joseph Ditkoff, Harriet Goldberg and Donald Weitzman, Matthew Gifford, Linda G. Goldburgh

In memory: Peter Dermer from Patricia H. Dobek, Herbert Goodwin from Rhoda Goodwin, Evelyn Roll from Dorothy Bell, Evelyn Roll from John and Betty Mulhane, Deborah Brass from Eric Brass, Aaron Seidman from Margaret Guyer and Constantine Bialik, David Chin from Jewel Chin, Stanley H. Macht from Susan Macht, Donald Manson from Carolyn Manson, Catherine Freeman from Peter L. Freeman, Cantor Sheila Cline from Phyllis Somers, Cantor Sheila Cline from Allen Elstein, Ponnie Katz from Colleen, Sumner Chertok from James P. Boland, Sumner Chertok from Linda G. Goldburgh

In honor: Leslie Friedman honoring Sharon’s exercise class, Melinda Mann honoring Pamela Hitchmoth, Muriel Stark honoring Sue Welpton, Rich Boghosian honoring Ruthann Dobek, Saroj Patel honoring the fitness programs, Alan and Judith Leichtner honoring Lynn Modell, Charles and Peggy Norris honoring Ellie Kaplan’s birthday, Elizabeth Fletcher honoring the fitness programs, Connie Warshowsky honoring Agilio, Roger and grab and go lunch, Emily L. Bassett honoring AARP tax volunteers, Bernice Cohen honoring Eleanor Kaplan’s birthday, Faye Jordan honoring the fitness programs, Lucia I. Soare honoring the fitness programs, Carol Meirovitz honoring Eleanor Kaplan’s birthday, June Mersky honoring Jamie Jensen’s Lucy Iris, Karen Van Kennen honoring the fitness programs, Myrna Seidner honoring Eleanor Small’s birthday, Linda G. Goldburgh honoring Carol Caro

BrooklineCAN donors: Judith Kidd, Ralph and Sylvia Memolo, Monique Richardson, Harriet Lazarus, Sharon Devine, Arthur Gold, John and Louise Loewenstein, Donald Weitzman and Harriet Goldberg, Davin Wolok, Judith Chasin, Betsy and Dennis DeWitt, Lewis and Molly Turlish, John Dempsey and Mary Scott


Annual appeal: John and Rosalie Hermos, anonymous, Sandra Price, Dale and Neil Golden, Jane Hovey, Vito Cavallo, Cynthia Stone Creem and Harvey Creem, Jill Greenberg, Faye Jordan, Richard and Penny Garver, Susan Guiraudet, Edward and Lillian Bayone, Theodore Poulos, Elaine and Enrico Schwimmer, Judith Kidd, Ruth Geller, Selma P. Kopelman, Joyce Silver, John Hodgman, Amy Ruth Nevis, Judy Bess, Beverly A. Chang, Lillian Freedman, Victoria Fremont, Edmund Mroz, James Murphy, Janet Weinberg, Francine and Matt Figelman, David Stern, Daniel H. Ferguson, Valerie Harrington, Ann D. Kleindorfer, Ted and Karen Livingston, Barbara Goldwasser, Kathleen Murphy, Leila Abelow, Judith Bello, Ellen R. Cole, Frederick A. and Patrice B. Ficken, Regina Healey, Pam Hitchmoth, Nina Salam, Leonard Weiss, Dvorah Smith, Muriel Harriet Allen, Jean Dwyer, Doris and Saul Feldman, Robert Houseman, Elaine Kwiecien, Ethel Miller, Christa Moelting, Rosamond Rabinowitz, Chang S. Roh, Irving Kurki and Cynthia Snow, Doreen Vittori, Mariah Nobrega, Ellen Ziskind, Sarah Pearlman, Toni Schroder, Agnes C. Hagerty, Toast with Friends, Ruth Brenner, Livia Frank, Marjorie D. Homonoff, Youngsun Jung, Linda Younis

Autumn Benefit donors:  Dotty Bell, Lai Bing Ma Chin, James F. Franco, Rhona Hirschowitz, Millicent Y. Holder, Lourdes Ileto, Serena Johnson, Rosaline N. Lowe, Charlotte and Arthur Millman

In memory of Frank Caro:  Josephine Sturgis, Margaret Bush, Carol Gladstone and Ben Whipple, Shirley Goldstein, V. Celia Lascarides, James Franco

In memory: Cheu Ngin Chin from Lai Bing Ma Chin, Helen Kwan from anonymous, E. Melvin Nash and Lorraine Tobin from Sherry Lee, Shirley Robinson from Avis, Kendal and Jennifer Segre, seniors lost to covid from Carol Kort, Charlotte Sokoloff from Jodi and Rob Sokoloff, Rose DeSimone from Janet R. DeSimone, Jean Kramer from Dan Fraenkel, Joan Wong from Perry Wong, Julie Dobek from Patricia Dobek, Esther Schonhorn from Harold Schonhorn, Joan Weiss from Robert S. Weiss, Evelyn Roll from Herman and Judith Chernoff, Enid and Mark Leipman from Carolyn and Ted Colton, Helen Kass from Elizabeth Kass, Sy Yesner from Joan Yesner, Lorraine Tobin from Sonia and William Wong

In honor:  Pat Ahlin honoring Sonia Wong, Connie Warshowsky honoring Springwell grab and go lunch, Elizabeth M. Fletcher honoring Center fitness programs, Michele Chin honoring Sherry Lee, Laurie and Jeff Lasky honoring Ruthann Dobek, Lucille Tawa honoring Lynn Modell, Yolanda Rodriguez honoring Ellie Kaplan’s 100th birthday, Ruthann Dobek honoring Ellie Kaplan’s 100th birthday, Carolyn and Ted Colton honoring Sonia Wong, Evelyn Mellett honoring all Brookline seniors, Dr. Louis and Ms. Brenda Caplan honoring Roberta Winitzer, Andrea Ignatoff honoring Center fitness programs, Arlene Levitt honoring Sharon Devine

BrooklineCan donors: Anthony Broh and Jennifer Hochschild, Livia Frank, Anne Levin, Claire Lurie, Lucy Roosevelt and Stuart Rubinow, Len Wholey, Merry Arnold, Nancy Heller, Mary McShane, Anne Meyers, Lilly Pelzman, Bruce and Mady Donoff, Charles Capper, Ruthann Dobek, Peter and Karen Miller, Carol Deanow


Annual Appeal:  Linda M. Hastie, Carol and Maurice Sapoznik, Morton Abromson and Joan Nissman, Josephine Ciccariello, Herbert and Vivian Freeman Charitable Fund, Carol Genovese, Dzidra J. Knecht, Nina Salam, Ruthann Sneider, Adele W. Pike, Marie Claire Kamin, Carole Barksdale, Anita Breslaw, Mark Blumberg, Eva M. Bonis, Janet Weinberg, David Stern, Mariah Nobrega, Margaret Beal, Nancy Kushlan Wanger, Toni Strassler, Toni Delisi, Henry Wolstat, Karen Kraut

In memory of Frank Caro: Kevin E. Lang and Shulamit Kahn, Deidre Waxman, Cornelia S. Andrus and Harry Kozakewich, Edith R. Brickman, Barbara Gutman, Kathy Burnes, Cathleen Cavell, Shirley Goldstein, Ellen Hertzmark, Peter Moyer, Serena Johnson, Ruth Kertzer Seidman, Deborah A. Stone, Carol H. Pineiro, Anne Levin, Pat Ahlin, Ellen Zellner, David and Melissa Trevvett, Mary M. Klatt, Ellen A. Bruce and Richard Segan, Alberta and Roger Lipson, Jonathan H. and Linda M. Davis, Gene S. Kupferschmid, Ariel Maddocks, Jessica Newbury, Danny Stone, Jonathan Klein, Ted Scholnick, Ted Livingston, Lily Gaehle, Alexandra Spingarm, Naomi Sweitzer, Kim Loscalzo, Jesse Gray, Andy Liu, Rachel Wilson, Scott Ananian, Bobbie Knable, Anne Turner and Harry Bohrs, Ginny Mazur, Jonathan Wobesky, Frank Smizik and Julie Johnson, Knitsmiths Group of Brookline, Doris Toby Axelrod and Lawrence Marks, Karen Zweig and Bob Sinrod, Judith and Herman Chernoff, Peter and Jean Stringham, Palma Z. Spunt, Fran Pechenick, Yolanda Rodriguez

In memory: Shirley Robinson from Michelle Tiahi, Shirley Richie Robinson from Linda Robinson, Shirley Robinson from Yolanda Rodriguez, Herbert White from Charlotte Alkon, Claire Fowles from Patricia H. Dobek, Leroy Neuberg from Judith and Herman Chernoff, Evelyn Roll from Yolanda Rodriguez, Miriam Sargon from Yolanda Rodriguez, Mel Nash from Yolanda Rodriguez, Evelyn Roll and Mariam Sargon from Sonia and William Wong, Aaron Seidman from Constantine Bialik and Margaret Guyer, Evelyn Roll and Miriam Sargon from Ruthann Dobek, Lorraine Tobin from Eileen Kaminsky, Melvin Nash from Lucille Tawa

In honor:  Connie Warshowsky honoring Grab and Go Lunch and Agilio Monteiro, Eileen Kaminsky honoring Sonia Wong, Marie-Louise Gabbe honoring Lynn Modell, Lourdes Ileto honoring Julie Washburn and Grab and Go Lunch, Daniel Price honoring Barbara Kean, Muriel Stark and Agnes Rogers, Fran Pechenick honoring Sue Welpton

BrooklineCAN donors: Martha Bullock, Ann Lees, Dotty Bell, Anita Baglaneas, Jeanne Traxler and Robert Goisman, Faye Gordon, Patty Sullivan, Tommy Vitolo, Helen Yee, Susan Alport, Donald and Margaret Wilhelm, Gail Gordon, Alberta and Roger Lipson, Ginny Mazur, Peggy Ann Morrison, Elenore Parker, Monica Joffe, Linda Percy, Fred Perry and Sarah Smith