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Our Donors


Annual Appeal:  Saul Feldman, Rhonda Glyman, Nancy Heller, Nina Salam, Joyce Wolf, Frank Olney, Jamie Rubino Moore and Jesse Moore, Agnes C. Hagerty, Arnold Aaron, Leila Abelow, Ellen R. Cole, John Freeman, Richard Garver, Katherine Hope, Alan and Judith Leichtner, Regina Healy and Robert Sloane, Anne Abercrombie, Shael and Helen Y. Herman, Simon Shoes, Mary Mullarkey, Theodore J. Poulos, Magaly Shiromani, Stanley and Susan Shuman, Paul Zintl, Robert Houseman, Saralynn and Alan Allaire, Elinor Kaplan, Frances Avrin, Leonard A. Weiss, Freda Scotch, Yolanda Santo, Pat Berger, Susan and Joseph Ditkoff, Linda G. Golburgh, Sherry Lee, Yolanda M. Rodriguez, Jill Greenberg, Susan Guiraudet, Susan Guth, Patricia Meaney, James R. Preer, Gloria Thompson, Lucy L. Robb, Carol and Maurice Sapoznik, Barbara Cone, Cornelia W. Brown and Henry B. Warren, Ruth Quint, Joseph F. Nowak, Ellen Feingold, John F. Hodgman, Theodore Scholnick, James Franco, Marie-Louise Gabbe, Joseph Perkell, Catherine Anderson, Judith Kidd, James R. Littleton, Robert E. Moran, Sarah Pearlman, Bob and Leah Winter, Nancy Daly, Jean Doherty, Mary Jane McGoey, Francine and Matthew Figelman, Kristina A. Messler, E. Melvin and Susan Nash, John and Betty Mulhane, Bebe Nixon, Julia Herskowitz, Sonia and William Wong, Timothy and Chetna Naimi, Ruth Wolf, Sheryl Hilliard, Mary B. Comstock, Steven Rothstein, Mariah Nobrega, David Stern, Nancy and Ronald Greenwald, Thursday morning knit and crochet group, Anahid Maranci, Deidra J. Knecht

In memory:  Helen Kass from Marie Claire Kamin, Elaine Langenthal from Fran Pechenick, Michael from Fran Pechenick, Bluma Stein from Fran Pechenick, Enid and Mark Leipman from Theodore Colton, Joseph Jurich from Marilyn Jurich, Dr. Neumam S. Mittel by Shaari S. Mittel, Romana M. Ehrlich from Lorraine G. Stevens, Yu-Chen Ting from Jovina Ting, Joan Wong from Perry Wong, Elaine Langenthal from Linda S. and William C. Small, Vivian H. Freeman from Peter L. Freeman, Mildred Lehman from Ann and Howard Katz, Elaine Langenthal from Dotty Bell, Faina Resnik from Phyllis Young, Jessy Silverman from Marilyn Silverman, Charlotte Sokoloff from Jodi and Rob Sokoloff, Stanley Wolff from Ruthann Dobek and Glenn Boghosian, Stanley Wolff from Patricia H. Dobek, in memory of Marshall Pearl from anonymous

In memory of Claire Yung:  from Cindy Loo and Dan Marotta, Laura O’Brien, Charlotte Millman, Francis and Karen Yung, David and Jewel Chin, Sherry Lee, Phyllis Young, Ruthann Dobek

In honor:  anonymous honoring food pantry and Tuesday morning dance, Rich Boghosian honoring Ruthann Dobek, Pat Berger honoring Fuzzy Downs, Arthur Gold honoring Cynthia Stone Creem, Rita Shon Baker honoring the ping pong group, Colbourne Crescent Poker Association honoring John Manaras, Betsy Pollock honoring Ruthann Dobek, Jane Hovey honoring Joel Reid and the Senior Chorus, Muriel Stark honoring Patricia Burns, Deidre Waxman and Gary McCabe, Ryah Parker honoring Sandra and Gerald Parker, Marilyn Silverman honoring the HELP program

BrooklineCAN donors:  Carol and Frank Caro, Alan and Cecily Morse, Sue Anne Eng, Judith Kidd, Harriet Lazarus, Shaari Mittel, Lucy Rossevelt and Stuart Rubinow, Tom and Diane Ryan, Donald Weitzman and Harriet Goldberg, Davin Wolok, Margaret Bush, Betsy and Dennis DeWitt, Peter and Karen Miller, Ruthann Dobek, Anne Meyers, Dorian Mintzer and David Feingold, Peggy Ann Morrison, Fred Perry and Sarah Smith, Cheryl Fever/WelltowerBalfour


Annual Appeal:  anonymous, George and Mary Chin, Cheryl B. Dockser, Sophie Karidoyanes, Toast with Friends, Kenneth and Marthajoy Aft, Cornelia S. Andrus, Louisa Koch, Harriet Koch, Joanna Koch and Scott Wilson, Judith Bello, Patrice and Fred Ficken, Judi Bednarz and Steve Wallace, Muriel Harriet Allen, Chang S. Roh, Toni Strassler, Barbara Gold, Dorothea A. Brown, Deborah Goodman, Annmarie Michalek, Toni Delisis and Hank Shafran, Matthew Baronas, Dotty Bell, James P. Boland, Ruth Brenner, Anita Breslaw, Dr. Louis Caplan, John L. Carrier, Mollie Ceder, Beverly Chang, Michele Charbit, Patricia H. Dobek, Susan Erickson, Dan Fraenkel, Livia Frank, Lillian Freedman, Larry and Yurika Geffin, Elizabeth Goldstein, Rhoda Goodwin, Valerie Harrington, Pam Hitchmoth, Rimma Kofman, Emma M. Lane, Chi Chung and Toy Soo Lau, Deborah Levey, Francoise C. Little, Christa Moelting, Roslin Moore, Claire W. and Richard P. Morse, Anne and Richard Reed, Michael K. Rees, Hanson S. Reynolds, Jeannine Schetzen, Esther and Harold Schonhorn, Irving Kurki and Cynthia Snow, Susan Stern, David E. and Melissa D. Trevvett, Judy Mason, Ada and William White, Adrienne Hoffman, David Stern, Celia Shapiro and Edmund Mroz, Mildred Asano, Mariah Nobrega

In memory:  Elaine Langenthal from Deidre Waxman, Joseph White and Herbert White from Charlotte Alkon, Evelyn Curtis from Martha Curtis, Elaine Diamond Langenthal from Kathryn and Paul Caruso, Harry Leroy Johnson II and Nancy Johnson and Jean C. Carlsen from Ethel W. Miller

In memory of Claire Yung: from Ruthann Dobek, Claire Goodwin, Clara Chin, Ralph and Susan Hansen, Mary Kane, Sonia and William Wong, Mae and Myron Tupa, Melanie Marcus

In memory of Aaron Seidman: from Margaret Guyer and Constantine Bialik

In honor:  Clifford Reid honoring Lin Sasman, Martha Seidner honoring Eleanor Small, Carolyn and Theodore Colton honoring Sonia Wong, Roberta Winitzer honoring Judy Mir, Freda Mushlin honoring Cindy Caplan, Laura Baber honoring Sharon Devine

BrooklineCAN donors:  Barbara Fitts, Lewis and Molly Turlish, Judith Chasin, Claire Lurie, Len Wholey, Naomi Cotter, John Dempsey and Mary Scott, Cheryl Dockser, Almas Dossa, Livia Frank, Arthur Gold, Dale and Neil Golden, Monica Joffe, Judy Mason, Mary McShane, Zippy Ostroy, Carol Deanow


Annual Appeal:  John F. Hodgman, Irene Laffey, Eleanor M. Clarkson, Sarah Salvo Blood, Robert M. Sprague, Joyce Wishnick, Susan Macht, Leslie Friedman, Nariah Nobrega, David Stern, Ellen Ziskind, Elaine Kwiecien, Leslie Byrne, John Carrier, Herbert and Vivian Freeman Charitable Fund, anonymous, Marilyn Kudisch, Chi Chung and Toy Soo Lau, Johanna Messier, Rosamond Robinowitz, Rosalie Rothstein, Cornelia Kea van der Ziel, Daniel Price and Barbara Kean

In memory:  Mary Mallari from Patricia H. Dobek; Levine, Miller and Alfond Family of Waterville, ME from Sara Lee Bloom and Eric Bloom; H. Kwan from anonymous, Aaron Seidman from Margaret Guyer and Constantine Bialik

In memory of Iris Donchin: from Sherry Lee, from Ruthann Dobek, from Sonia and William Wong

In memory of Elaine Langenthal: from David and Michelle Shabot, from Ruthann Dobek, from Sharon Devine, from Sonia and William Wong, from Kathryn Kilpatrick, from Charlotte Millman, from Elaine and Stephen Ullian

In honor:  Ellen Zellner honoring Anna Higgins, the Monday Poetry Group, Sonia Wong and Fran Pechenick; Marie-Louise Gabbe honoring exercise for health program; Martha Schieve honoring Olga, Sonia and all social workers; Ruth Geller and Eleanor Small honoring Catherine Pavlik; anonymous honoring dance party and food pantry; anonymous honoring Olga Sliwa; Serena Johnson honoring Eugenia Zuckerman, Anne Levin honoring Lynn Modell, John and Betty Mulhane honoring Agnes Rogers; Sonia and William Wong honoring Agnes Rogers; Mary Mullarkey honoring HELP and transportation; Toni Schroder honoring Phil Abrams; Barbara Sloet honoring Sharon Devine

In appreciation: Eric and Christine Sassone honoring the Senior Center and its mission in Brookline

BrooklineCAN donors:  Susan Alport, Martha Bullock, Rose Rothstein, Patty Sullivan, Carol and Frank Caro, Jeanne Traxler and Robert Goisman, Mary Kassler, Marilyn Kudisch, Judy Mason, Ellen Bruce and Richard Segan, Tauby Warriner, Faye Gordon, anonymous, Lynn Osborn, Toby Taylor, Kathy Burnes, Marsha Frankel, Heather Hamilton, Renny Harrigan, Roberta and Alan Leviton, Sandra Wong, Diane Abrams, Kevin Cavanaugh and Nancy Daly, Marie-Louise and David Gabbe, Ronda Goldberg, Alberta and Roger Lipson, Carol Macbain, Soo Moy, Stephen Oleskey and Judith Tick, A. E. Ryan, Vera Sharma, Henry and Marianne Winkelman