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Annual Appeal: Saul Feldman, Jane Hovey, Ann Coles, Friday Bridge Group, Robert Sprague, Sophie Karidoyanes, Leslie Byrne, Susan Erickson, Vera Brent, Gay Ferguson, Paul Zintl and Elisabeth Frost, Herbert and Vivian Freeman Charitable Fund

In memory: Jerry Silverman from Marilyn Silverman, Gudrun Wolpow and Ralph Hirschowitz from Sonia and Phil Newmark

In memory of Doreen Gordon: from Leah Truncale, from Yolanda Rodriguez, from Ruthann Dobek, from Mary Breen-Yoga Class, from Sherry Lee, from Sonia and William Wong, from Ruth Brenner, from Senior Stretch Class, from Freda Scotch, from Suzanne Kee, from Janie and Morgan Chickering, from Rachel Peck

In honor: Phyllis Somers honoring Julie Washburn,  Ruth Geller and Eleanor Small honoring Catherine Pavlik, Kathryn Kilpatrick honoring Shirley Handler, Bambi Good honoring Jerry Feuer, Marie-Louise Gabbe honoring Mei Chu, Sharon and Arnie Miller honoring Shirley and Berol Robinson, Martha Schieve honoring Sonia Wong and Olga Sliwa


Annual Appeal: Judith Brown Caro, Rusty and David Browder, Esther Yanow, Paul Gardner, Harold Schonhorn, Catherine Collins, Linda Hastie, Sol Brenner, Irene Laffey, Emily Stahler, Dolly and Bernie Wax, anonymous, Asha Khurana, Marilyn Kudisch, Mary Johnston, Mary and George Chin, Mary Mullarkey, Muriel Harriet Allen, Lena Zappala, Gustave Schachte

In memory:  Aaron Seidman from Elenore Parker, Ikuko Burns from Padraic Burns, Naomi Podhorzer from Dotty Bell, Ponnie Katz from Dotty Bell, Paul Robinson from Carol Robinson, Sy Yesner from Joan Yesner

In honor:  Shirley Partoll honoring Nick Aldin and Agilio Monteiro, Jean and Peter Stringham honoring Ruthann Dobek, Ruthann Dobek honoring Agnes Rogers, Connie Warshowsky honoring Ellen Zellner, Charlotte Millman honoring Agnes Rogers, COA staff honoring Ruthann Dobek, Mae Tupa honoring Irving Schwartz and Elinor Downs, Sonia and William Wong honoring Agnes Rogers, Lydia Baumrind and Gerry Oster honoring Dr. Suzanne Salamon, Lisa Sutton honoring Olga Sliwa, Margaret Gilmore honoring HELP


Annual Appeal:  Ellen Cole, Linda and Henry Okun, Livia Frank, Marie-Claire Kamin, LeRoy Neuberg, Ellen Ziskind, Susan Sacks, Linda and Tom Younis, Merry Arnold, Madelyn and Bruce Donoff, Jane Ross, Yurika and Laurence Geffin, Harold Schonhorn, Helen and How Wong, Arsen Tashjian, Louise Lonabocker, Nina Salam, Lily Wong, Reva Katz, Judith Brown Caro, Richard Kates, Josephine Ciccariello, Mary Bergman, Michelle and Steve Homer, Beverly Gleason, Jane Flanagan and Richard Nangle, Esfira Annenberg, June Mersky, Dianne and Michael Blau, Johanna Messier, Catherine and Jerome Sadow, Arthur Gold, Connie Everson and Rob Rudnick, Nina Lebel, Robert Marcus Real Estate, Ethel Blumenthal, Jill Greenberg, Doris Oser, Leah and Robert Winter, Carolyn Manson, Joan Nissman and Morton Abromson, Cornelia Van der Ziel, Mary Fahey, Martha and Kenneth Aft, Aida Canchola, Lorraine Stevens, Lillian Freedman, Susan Wheeler and Christine Westphal, Rusty and David Browder

In memory:  Naomi Podhorzer from Ruthann Dobek, Naomi Podhorzer from Judith Gimple, Naomi Podhorzer from Kathryn Kilpatrick, Naomi Podhorzer from Charlotte Millman, Naomi Podhorzer from Sonia and William Wong, Bert Alkon from Charlotte Alkon, John Dobek from Patricia Dobek, Ponnie Katz from Brenda Soyer, Aaron Seidman from Elenore Parker

In honor:  Laura Baber honoring Julie Washburn, Marie-Louise Gabbe honoring Lynn Modell, Janie Chickering honoring Shirley and Berol Robinson, Yolanda Santo honoring HELP program, Ruthann Dobek honoring Agnes Rogers, Ilana Mainelli and Dan Seidman honoring Ruth Seidman, Jane Kaiser honoring Sonia Wong and Deidre Waxman


Annual Appeal:  Sarah Pearlman, Beverly Gleason, Patricia Collyer, Ruthann Dobek, Myron Belfer, anonymous, Hsui-Lan Chang and Stephanie Fan

In memory:  Ponnie Katz from anonymous, Aaron Seidman from Bonnie Alpert and Nathan Rome, Naomi Podhorzer from Carol and Phil Fullerton, Aaron Seidman from Francine and Brad Beckman, Aaron Seidman from Sandra and Gabriel Seidman

In honor:  Eleanor Paes honoring Julie Washburn, Eleanor Small and Ruth Geller honoring Lorraine Tobin, Pat Ahlin honoring Agilio Monteiro, Pat Ahlin honoring Nick Aldin


Annual Appeal:  Frank Olney, May Ames, Dotty Bell, Regina Healy and Robert Sloane, Margaret Zaremba, Rita and Morgan Daly, Phyllis and Murray Marcus, Ruthann Dobek, anonymous, Beverly Gleason, Janet Kwass, Ilana and David Lescohier,Yolanda Santo, Ada and William White, Bay State Federal Savings Charitable Foundation, Lillian Kahn Bayone and Edward Bayone, Chang Roh, John Carrier, Cheryl Dockser, Lawrence Ruttman, Pamela Goodman and Michael Shwartz, Cornelia Kea Van der Ziel, Gloria O’Brien, Sandra Gradman, Stanley Shuman, Harry Margolis, Ruth Geller, Mojtaba Mostashari, Eleanor Small, Kathryn Kilpatrick, Saralynn and Alan Allaire

In memory:  Raymond Rosenstock from Corinne Gilbert, Chan Sok Mung from Emmeline Lee, Jim Higgins from Ruth Geller, Stanley Dobek from Patricia Dobek, Stanley Dobek from Ruthann Dobek and Glenn Boghosian, Jacob Schlitt from Sylvia Lanza

In honor:  anonymous honoring Sharon Devine, Marian Hershenson honoring the 70th anniversary of Shirley and Berol Robinson, Joanne Stratton-Mamber honoring Charlotte M and Batia B, anonymous honoring Ruthann Dobek’s 35th anniversary with the Council on Aging, Ellen Zellner honoring Anna Higgins, poetry workshop, Sonia Wong and Julie Washburn; Kathryn Kilpatrick honoring Angela, Muriel Stark honoring Deidre Waxman and Gary McCabe, Barbara Scotto honoring Evelyn Roll, Judith Juster honoring Helen Davis

In memory of Aaron Seidman from Ellen Zellner, Peter Barrer, Ruthann Dobek, Susan Krinsky, Deborah Levey, Mary Mindess, Yolanda Rodriguez, Amy and Robert Sweet, Carol and Frank Caro, David Levine, Zina Schiff and Ron Eisenberg, Rhoda Goodwin and Sharon Devine


Annual Appeal:  Marie-Louise Gabbe, Beverly Gleason, Marie Kamin, Anita Jamieson, Laurence Geffin, Christina Wolfe and John Bassett, Mady and Bruce Donoff, Daniel Ferguson, Maria and Franklin Ferguson, John Hodgman, Marie and Jack Kotik, Joseph Nowak, Gloria Kramer, Ellen and Joel Shoner, Jill Greenberg, Marsha Frankel, Muriel Harriet Allen, Betsy and Dennis DeWitt, Livia Frank, Marilyn Jurich, Judith Kidd, Anne Levin,Kathleen Murphy, Elenore Parker, Shirley Sandi Rosenfield, Winnie and Richard Rubino, Brenda and Ralph Tracey, Doreen Vittori, Ethel Miller, Mary French, Eleanor Small and Ruth Geller, Esfira Annenberg, Judith and Stephen Bernstein, Gail Gordon, Dianne and Philip Honig, Rimma Kofman, Mary Jane McGoey, Helen Rudy, Charlotte Alkon, Louise Bonar, Margaret Cain, Elinor and Morton Davidson, Rudolph Kass, Bryna Litchman and Arthur Epstein, Anne and Richard Reed

In memory:  Ikuko Burns from Padraic Burns, Debbie Whalon from Emma Lane, Martin Schetzen from Jeannine Schetzen, Marshall Pearl from Muriel Stark, Yok Eddie Chan from Senior Stretch Class, John Dobek from Patricia Dobek, her mother and godmother from Patricia Burns, Howard Chin from Sherry Lee, Ponnie Katz from James Franco

In honor: 70th anniversary of Shirley and Berol Robinson from Charlotte and Arthur Millman, Yolanda Rodriguez; Ruthann Dobek honoring Ginny Mazur, Francine and Arnie Aaron honoring Brookline Senior Center, Lin and Steve Bressler honoring Eleanor Small, Marena Morrison honoring Thursday exercise class, Rhonda Glyman honoring Ruthann Dobek, Betty and John Mulhane honoring Agnes Rogers, Yolanda Rodriguez honoring Doreen Gordon, Sherry Lee honoring all social workers