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Ambassador Club

From Betsy Pollock, president:

We’ve reached a milestone. Our endowment is now $1 million. Endowments help ensure the future of the organization. It took us 11 years to reach the first million. We hope to double our endowment by 2018. You can contribute directly or put the Brookline Senior Center in your will.

I think of how much the Center means to me. I love coming here to see the friendship and love that happens every day among guests, volunteers and staff. Think about how much it means to you and how important it is to keep the love going. Make your future count and help our future be strong. Call director Ruthann Dobek: 617. 730. 2756 or send email to rdobek@brooklinema.gov


The Ambassador Club honors those who share a commitment to our future by providing for the Center in their estate plans. A bequest is a way to make sure the Center will be there to support others. Legacies also help fund new programs that cannot be met by the annual municipal budget.

You can include the Center in your will, estate plan and through planned giving.

Assets and property that you own are your estate. Depending on your assets, the Fed and state government may/will collect an estate tax before the assets are passed to your beneficiary.  You can reduce your estate tax by using certain deductions and credits. Creating an irrevocable life insurance trust will transfer policy proceeds to your beneficiaries without an estate tax.

You can make gifts or bequests to a charity by setting up a remainder trust that provides benefits to you and a charity. Making gifts during your lifetime will lower assets and potential taxes. You can also donate money, property or a percentage of your estate.  If you designate a 501 C 3 organization to receive a bequest, it is not subject to the estate tax.  Consult your accountant, financial planner or legal advisor to see how each of these plans will affect you.