The History Of Howard Johnson’s

On Wednesday, October 19 at 1:00 pm at the Senior Center, join us for another interesting talk by Boston historian and author Anthony Sammarco! Howard Johnson created an orange‐roofed empire of ice cream stands and restaurants that stretched from Maine to Florida, and all the way to the West Coast. With a reputation for good food at affordable prices, hungry customers would regularly return for more. The attractive white Colonial Revival restaurants, with eye‐catching porcelain tile roofs, illuminated cupolas and sea blue shutters, were described in ʺReaderʹs Digestʺ in 1949 as the epitome of ʺeating places that look like New England town meeting houses dressed up for Sunday.ʺ Highlighted in television shows such as Mad Men andfilms Netflixʹ s 2019 The Irishman, itʹ s obvious that Howard Johnsonʹs occupies an indelible and pleasant place popular culture. Mr. Sammarco will recount how Howard Johnson introduced twenty‐eight flavors of ice cream, the ʺTendersweetʺ clam strips, grilled frankforts and a menu of delicious and traditional foods that families eagerly enjoyed when they traveled. Ice cream will be served at the event! Please register at 617‐730‐2770.


Oct 19 2022
Brookline Senior Center


Brookline Senior Center
93 Winchester St. Brookline, MA 02446