Reminder – Due to the Memorial Day Holiday, the Senior Center will be closed 5/27/2024 – No food or transportation services will be available on that day.


Modern Pronouns

On Monday, June 24 at 1 pm at the Senior Center, join us for this important presentation and conversation. Using “they and them” in the singular may seem to go against what you learned about grammar in grade school, but you’ve probably been noticing a lot of people using the pronouns they/them instead of he/him or she/her. In fact, Massachusetts now offers M, F, and X gender markers on driver’s licenses, and terms such as nonbinary and genderfluid have made it into mainstream media. Learn more about how using affirming language and pronouns can help you create a more inclusive community. Join Julie Nowak (she/any), LGBTQ+ Initiative Coordinator at Springwell for this informative training session. Please note that the presentation runs approximately 90 minutes, but may expand to 120 minutes as audience questions are warmly welcome!

Please register at 617-730-2770.


Jun 24 2024


1:00 pm