Jewelry Making with Rebecca Riccio

As Rebecca was finishing her junior year of high school, she reached out to volunteer at the Brookline Senior Center for the summer. She had an interest in making jewelry, and offered to lead a class. Each of Rebecca’s weekly jewelry making groups was full and a huge hit! Clara, one of the group’s participants, noted that “Rebecca deserves all the credits for her knowledge and tricks in jewelry making, and most of all, at her young age (more than half a century apart!), we appreciated her patience in dealing with and teaching older folks like us who always asked questions at the same time, and she was running all over the places, always with a sweet smile, trying to show and explain how and what to do! This kind of intergenerational program certainly will help us (young & old) understand and learn how to get along with different age groups.” Rebecca also enjoyed the experience, noting that “Many people came with broken jewelry that they wanted to fix and it was fascinating to hear the story behind each piece.”  Intergenerational programs like these enrich everyone’s lives, young and old.

If you would like to volunteer or have an idea for a program, please reach out our Volunteer Coordinator, Valerie Graf at or 617-730-2743.