A Message from President, Betsy Pollock (September 2022)

So many of you have responded generously with gifts in memory of our beloved Agnes Rogers. When I was a young mother in the ’70s and ’80s, I served with Agnes on the Human Relations Youth Resources Commission. Agnes became a mentor and a friend, as she encouraged me to speak up and be a champion and a leader for important social causes. Later, we worked together successfully to create a movement to bring a senior center to our town. I can still  picture Agnes walking briskly through town in her high heels, never missing the opportunity to speak out and champion her causes at numerous community meetings. She served proudly on the Senior Center Board of Directors for many years. Eventually, she did accept rides home from me, and we made use of that time reviewing the issues of the day and strategizing how to promote support for older adults. Agnes taught me so much, and I will miss her! It is so gratifying to know that you and so many others care about our vulnerable older adults. As an essential organization, the demands on our services have increased. Your support inspires us, even as we work harder than usual to resolve crises and provide critical services. Thank you! Stay safe! And let us know if we can be of help to you or anyone you know.

Warm regards,

Betsy Pollock, Board President