Tribute to Agnes Rogers

Agnes Rogers, October 15, 1919- July 29, 2022
Photo taken by Mimi Katz

Our legendary and beloved Agnes Rogers passed away peacefully on July 29, 2022, surrounded by her loving family. Agnes was in her 103rd year, and a lifelong Brookline resident. She was a longtime advocate for tenant’s rights at public housing, and a champion for older adults. One of her greatest efforts was fighting for the building of the Brookline Senior Center. Agnes was cherished for her political skill, and ability to read a room and respond with vigor. She will be fondly remembered for her high heels and dancing at any opportunity.

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For memorial gifts, donations in memory of Agnes may be made to the Brookline Senior Center, 93 Winchester St., Brookline, MA 02446 or by visiting


At Town Meeting, during the vote for building the Senior Center: “Don’t make me apologize for growing old. I’m proud of it and want a Senior Center for all of us.”

After volunteering in the meal program at the Senior Center: “I had no idea that when I was advocating for the Senior Center that it would be for my own benefit. I wake up and clean my tiny apartment…then what? Here, I come help people out, laugh, dance, and feel part of the community.”

Whispered to Ruthann at an Advisory Committee meeting, when she was 97: “Speak up. They’re not showing us enough respect or support. Make sure they listen to us.”